Travel Awards

IDWeek Awards

IDWeek is proud to offer several awards acknowledging distinguished, quality scientific research presented at IDWeek. IDWeek will distribute these awards to support attendance and travel needs of candidates whose abstracts or cases have been selected and who are scheduled to present their work at the IDWeek meeting. 

Call for Cases Travel Awards

All cases accepted for oral presentation will receive an $800 travel award (no application required). Additional information will be provided in the case disposition notification letter.  

IDWeek Abstract Awards

Eligibility: Only regular deadline abstract submissions (not late breaker abstracts) are eligible. Your abstract must be submitted by the submission deadline to be eligible for the awards listed below. Apply for the award during the online abstract submission process; you cannot apply after the deadline. Only presenting authors are eligible for awards, and the presenting author may apply for more than one. These awards are to support travel to IDWeek. If IDWeek is virtual, or travel is not required for the presenter, these awards will not include a monetary component. 

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