IDBugBowl 2023

The IDBugBowl is a Jeopardy-style quiz game that will be presented at IDWeek 2023 in Boston, MA IDBugBowl will be held Saturday, Oct. 14, from 5-6 p.m. in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) Ballroom.

Each team should consist of three members; one current fellow (adult or pediatric ID) and one current resident are required, the third team member may be a fellow, resident or medical student.  IDWeek will pay for full conference registration for student, resident, and fellow team participants, but travel expenses will not be covered. IDBugBowl will be held live and teams must appear in person. Applications are due by July 28. The application site is now open.

New for 2023: One team slot will be reserved for an international team!”

Check back in August for this year’s competitors!

Please email with any questions.

  • Adarsh Bhimraj, MD, FIDSA
  • Jacqueline Chu, MD
  • Seth Cohen, MD, MSc
  • David van Duin, MD, PhD, FIDSA
  • Christopher Graber, MD, MPH, FIDSA
  • Ishminder Kaur, MD
  • Ana Elizabeth Markelz, MD
  • Tara E. Ness, MD, MPH
  • Josh Nosanchuk, MD, FIDSA
  • Adi Shah, MBBS
  • Laila Woc-Colburn, MD, DTM&H, FIDSA

And to Pravin George, MD, for his assistance.

IDBugBowl 2022 Highlights

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