International Attendees

Letter of Invitation

We are pleased to welcome your participation in IDWeek 2023 in Boston, MA

Registered International Attendees Proof of Vaccination

It is also recommended that IDWeek international attendees carry their vaccination card while visiting the U.S.  Besides IDWeek, other business may require proof of vaccination if CDC and/or local government guidelines change.

CLEAR’s Health Pass can verify internationally issued vaccines for the following QR code standards: EU Digital Covid Certification (DCC) and UK National Health Service (NHS) Covid Pass. Users within the U.S. will need to download the free CLEAR app or upgrade to version 1.49.0 (both for iOS and Android) in order to select the Digital Vaccine Card and scan their DCC or NHS QR code.

In addition, use of the CLEAR app is not yet supported in EU and UK territories.  International attendees can try to download and use the CLEAR app once physically located in the U.S. Depending on country origin, some users may also need to modify their app store settings (change country to U.S. or other listed available country) in order to search for CLEAR.

If international attendees are not able to download and use the CLEAR app, then alternative vaccine verification process will be used onsite at IDWeek 2023.

Visa and Letter of Invitation

IDWeek is registered as an international meeting with the International Visitors Office. It is recommended foreign participants apply for their visas as early as possible. The International Visitors Office recommends at least three to four months before the meeting.

Some consulates may have backlogs in scheduling visa interviews. Therefore, applicants should first consult the U.S. Department of State’s website to view visa appointment and processing wait times.

Further information on business visas can be found at these websites

If you are experiencing significant visa delays, please fill out this visa survey. This form will allow the International Visitors Office to bring their cases to the attention of the U.S. Department of State.

Venue and Hotels

IDWeek will be held in the
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, located at 415 Summer Street, from Oct. 11-15. IDWeek events will also take place in some nearby hotels.

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