Photo & Digital Art Contest

Show Us the World Through Your Lens

In 2022 we asked you to show us your COVID world and over a hundred photos from our community were shared. Now we want to see more of your world through your lens – submit your photos or other digital still art for the IDWeek Photo and Digital Art Contest. Any aspect of your ID life will be considered. We’ve heard countless statistics and facts in our field, but a photograph is worth 1,000 words.

The top five submissions will be featured on our website and will receive a cash prize.

Submit by Aug. 16.

*Special thanks to Pravin George for this video.

IDWeek 2022 Photo Contest Winners

ICU on the Brink of Collapse

An ICU in Sarajevo. Dr. Bilgin Sait from Turkey tries to tell management of COVID19 to the physicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the near of collapse. The panic in the eyes is seen.

(Pictured Left) Siran Keske, Koç University School of Medicine

The Best We Can

No more transport ventilators were available so during the second COVID wave many of our patients were transported in the same ventilator from the ER, to CT room and then to ICU. The faces of the team shows the exhaustion of many days of work without rest.

(Pictured Right) Adolfo Savia, Sanatorio Anchorena

So Tired

After hours of caring for serious patients and tired of fighting without winning, my friends search without finding a place worth resting.

(Pictured Left) Paulina Vega Enriquez, University of Rio Grande Valley – Valley Baptist Medical Center

Big Zize ID

This strategy was adopted by Infectious Diseases and Epidemiological teams, in order to make easy identification of health personnel inside the COVID unit and for show the face behind the mask

(Pictured Right) Wendy Alvarez, Hospital de Alta Especialidad de la Peninsula de Yucatan, Mexico

A Special Birthday on a COVID Ward

Bernard celebrating his 101st birthday with healthcare workers on a Covid ward. Bernard was vaccinated against COVID-19 and had a mild illness. A positive celebration in the middle of another Covid wave.

(Pictured Left) Joanne Byrne, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

The Human Side of COVID-19: A Story in Pictures

The last two years have been trying & challenging for everyone, but especially frontline providers. IDWeek would like to invite attendees, partner society, and all frontline workers and their families to show the human side of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve heard countless statistics and facts since the start of this pandemic, but a photograph is worth 1,000 words.

Show us the pandemic through your eyes, your filters, and your story. Show us your wins and moments of celebration and help us create a tapestry of digital visual stories that can help the world understand the life of frontline workers and the broader ID community.

We hope this endeavor can help the world understand the life of frontline healthcare works as well as provide some inspiration as we move forward.

IDWeek will provide prizes to the top 5 photos as selected by IDWeek leadership.

Submit your photo(s) online. You can submit up to five photos for consideration. Submissions are due by Sept. 30. 

Please email  with any questions.

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