IDWeek Events

Photo Contest

Show us the pandemic through your eyes, your filters, and your story. Show us your wins and moments of celebration and help us create a tapestry of digital visual stories that can help the world understand the life of frontline workers and the broader ID community.

The Mold that Changed the World

Be part of the cast!  IDWeek is partnering with the UK Global Health and AMR Initiative and the Edinburgh Fringe musical “The Mold that Changed the World” to bring a special performance to IDWeek during the opening session. In addition to IDWeek, there will be other full performances throughout the week and in other locations – don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this event!

This musical about Alexander Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin is looking for scientists and healthcare professionals who sing to audition for the chorus in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, GA where you would perform alongside a professional musical theatre cast in Fall of 2022.

This truly unique and collaborative project is a once in a lifetime opportunity – don’t miss out! Deadline is Aug. 22!


Come watch teams of your fellow medical students and residents compete in the IDBugBowl trivia showdown!

Mentorship Program

This program focuses on effective mentor and mentee interactions by incorporating three key elements in our program: support, education and a vision of the mentee’s future career. Mentors help mentees to think strategically about their careers and provide insightful guidance for mentees during the varying stages of their career development. Through this program, mentees will apply to be matched with a mentor that works in a focus area in which the mentee has an interest.

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