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Dear IDWeek 2019 Speakers,
Thank you for participating in the IDWeek 2019 program. IDWeek is successful because you, the speakers, are able to impart such a wide range of knowledge and skills to our community. We want to help you make the transfer of your knowledge and skills to the learners most effective. Therefore, we asked Jen Babik, MD, PhD (University of California, San Francisco) and Vera Luther, MD (Wake Forest) to convert their extremely popular IDWeek 2017 Meet the Professor Session, “Make Learning Last in the Large Group Setting”, into a high-quality video format. These experienced educators share evidence-based recommendations on how to make your session most impactful and memorable to the audience.

These videos are part of IDWeek’s ongoing and growing effort to improve how we educate ourselves and how we can be better educators for our students, residents, fellows and patients.

See in you in Washington, DC!


Cesar  Arias, MD, PhD, FIDSA

Brian Schwartz, MD

IDSA Chair, IDWeek Program Committee

Chair, IDSA Medical Education Workgroup


How to Create and Present an Effective Lecture Video Series

Part 1: Using PowerPoint Effectively and How to Present

Jennifer Babick, MD, University of California, San Francisco


Part 2: How Adults Learn, How to Prepare, and How to Use Active Learning

Vera Luther, MD, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem


Official IDWeek 2019 Speaker Presentation PowerPoint Template

It is not mandatory to use this template for your presentation at IDWeek, we suggest using it if you have not already designed one.  Fonts and background are designed to optimize readability in large session rooms.

IDWeek Photo Policy

Our photography policy is to allow photos in session rooms for personal, social, or non-commercial use; however, presenters have the right to request no photography, and in those situations, photography is strictly prohibited. You can download the “no photos” icon for use in your presentation if you do not want attendees to take photos of your slides. You must include the icon to request no photography of that slide.