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Moderator Registration

All moderators, must register to attend IDWeek. Moderators received an email invitation to register using a VIP link. Moderators planning to attend IDWeek for the sole purpose of giving a talk and who do not plan to claim CME/CPE credit may register for a complimentary one day pass through the VIP link. Please note, that with the complimentary pass you cannot claim CME, CPE, or MOC credit. If you need the VIP speaker link, please email For more information on registration, please review the Speaker FAQs.

Moderator Instructions

Please review this information before you travel to Washington, DC.  This is the moderator form you will see on the podium in Washington, DC.  You will need to sign it and leave it on the podium for IDWeek staff to collect at the end of the day.

Q&A and Live Polling

New for IDWeek 2019, moderators will have the ability to collect questions for Q&A sessions via the IDWeek meeting app. Please review the instructions and details on how to use this new feature.

Moderator Reimbursement

Moderators will most likely be either speakers and/or program committee members and will therefore qualify for speaker reimbursement; otherwise there is no reimbursement for a moderator. An exception is made for Interactive Moderators of Interactive Symposia who develop case-based PowerPoint presentations for panelists and audience members to respond to. In this case, reimbursement for these individuals would be the same as the speaker reimbursement rate.

 The deadline for reimbursement submission will be November 8, 2019. Review the IDWeek 2019 Reimbursement Amounts.