Invited Faculty

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Faculty Forms

Your official speaker invitation includes a link to your Speakers Center which houses your faculty forms, explains the travel reimbursement policy, and provides other important information regarding your role.

Faculty Registration

Login to your Speakers Center to access the VIP speaker registration link. See the Speaker Registration FAQs for more information.

Audience Response System

For those faculty who will be using it, a few helpful tips on how to use the audience response system in your presentation.

Question Writing

Review tips for writing audience response questions.

Presentation Tips & Tricks

A few tips for making your creating and giving your presentation.  You can use the IDWeek template to save time.

Faculty Reimbursement Guidelines

Please check the IDWeek 2019 Reimbursement Amounts to see what the rules are for your speaker category. Presenters of oral or poster abstracts do not qualify for speaker reimbursement. More materials will be emailed to speakers after the meeting. The deadline for reimbursement submission will be in mid-November 2019.

Uploading Your Presentation & Speaker Ready Room (will open September 2019)

Information on uploading your presentation in advance of IDWeek or onsite in the Speaker Ready Room.