Corporate Support

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Diamond Patron – $100,000+
Platinum Patron – $75,000 – $99,999
Gold Patron- $50,000 – $74,999
Silver Patron- $20,000 – $49,999
Bronze Patron- $5,000 – $19,999
Patron Level Comparison Chart
Boutique Support Items
Commercial Support Policy

IDWeek is committed to meeting the needs of its potential supporters. Please contact John Buckley; Director, Convention Operations and Corporate Relations, (703) 299-0128 or to discuss the patron support program. There are five different levels to choose from; Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.  Each level provides your company with a variety of recognition opportunities. Each item is multi-sourced and can be supported by more than one exhibiting company.

All supporters receive the following recognition:

  • Supporter “Thank You” signage using your logo
  • Acknowledgement in the Final Program, IDSA News and SHEA News
  • Exhibit booth highlighted on floor plans
  • Carpet decal and support level

IDWeek 2019 Patron Levels

Generate a high-profile presence by supporting IDWeek 2019 through its patron support program!

Diamond Patron – $100,000+

  • Complimentary pre- (2) and postmeeting (2) registration lists (label format)
  • Complimentary attendee registrations (10)
  • Invitations to the Leadership Reception (10)
  • Bag insert or provide giveaway; i.e. hand sanitizer (supporter must produce and provide)
  • Complimentary full-page, four-color advertisement in the Exhibit Guide
  • Meeting room suite in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center
  • Complimentary Learning Lounge session in the Exhibit Hall
  • Recognition in the Digital Library and 1000 Access Keys for field representatives to distribute

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Platinum Patron – $75,000 – $99,999

  • Complimentary (1) pre- and postmeeting (2) registration lists (label format)
  • Complimentary attendee registrations (6)
  • Invitations to the Leadership Reception (6)
  • Complimentary full-page, four-color advertisement in the Exhibit Guide
  • Recognition in the Digital Library and 500 Access Keys for field representatives to distribute

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Gold Patron- $50,000 – $74,999

  • Complimentary (1) pre- and (1) post-meeting registration lists (label format)
  • Complimentary attendee registrations (4)
  • Invitations to the Leadership Reception (4)
  • Recognition in the Digital Library and 250 Access Keys for field representatives to distribute
  • Complimentary half-page, four-color advertisement in the Exhibit Guide

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Silver Patron- $20,000 – $49,999

  • Complimentary (1) post-meeting registration list (label format)
  • Complimentary attendee registrations (2)
  • Invitations to the Leadership Reception (2)
  • Complimentary quarter-page, four-color advertisement in the Exhibit Guide

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Bronze Patron- $5,000 – $19,999

  • Complimentary attendee registration (1)
  • Invitations to the Leadership Reception (1)

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Patron Level Comparison Chart

Recognition Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Thank you signage
Acknowledgement Final Program, etc.
Exhibit booth highlight
Carpet decal
Complimentary attendee registrations 10 6 4 2 1
Leadership Reception invitations 10 6 4 2 1
Complimentary pre/post registration labels 2/2 1/2  1/1 0/1  
Exhibit Guide Ad Full Page Full Page Half Page Quarter Page  
Digital Library recognition 1,000 Access Keys 500 Access Keys 250 Access Keys    
Bag Insert        
Meeting Room Suite in Walter E. Washington Convention Center        
Complimentary Learning Lounge        

Boutique Support Items

Increase you company’s exposure within a patron level by supporting one of the boutique items! All boutique items can be supported by more than one exhibiting company.  Supporters can choose to have their company recognized on one or more of the following to enhance their patron status or choosing to support one or more items automatically designates you as Bronze, Silver or Gold Patron.

  • Women in ID Session and Breakfast – $2,500 (multi-source opportunity)

This session on Friday, October 4 at 7 a.m. is expect to attract close to 200 ID professionals.  Supporters will receive the bronze patron benefit package for only $2,500.

  • IDEA Incubator – $20,000 Exclusive

IDWeek is committed to showcasing the latest technology.  Designed to encourage early stage ventures, IDea Incubator will take place during IDWeek 2019.  The competition provides a chance for participants to present an idea in front of the ID community and receive feedback from judges in the business, technology, and medicine industries (think “Shark Tank”).  Judges and audience members will choose a 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd place recipient.

IDWeek is interested in securing a supporter(s) to help us further ID innovation and technology.

  • Award named after the supporter
  • Supporters will receive high visibility recognition with leaders and attendees at IDWeek
  • Corporate logo promotion and announcements throughout IDWeek

Consider a booth in Innovation Alley or enter the competition!

  • ‘ID 365’ Lounge for Students, Residents and Fellows-in-Training – The Future of ID – $10,000 (multi-source opportunity)

In response to requests from infectious disease leaders, IDWeek created a lounge for students, residents and fellows to serve as, ”Home Base,” during the meeting.  This dedicated space is open only to this attendee group and serves as an informal meeting spot to facilitate further interaction among young physician scientists.  The lounge also promotes all IDWeek partner opportunities for mentorship opportunities, interest groups and new programs designed specifically for them.  Supporters will receive high visibility recognition with ID leaders and attendees at IDWeek through corporate logo promotion and announcements in the lounge and through IDWeek publications.

  • Recognition in the Digital Library – $50,000

    Every session at IDWeek  is digitally captured (audio synchronized with slides), and all scientific attendees will receive individual access after the meeting with their registration. Attendees can view sessions they missed or review sessions they attended on their mobile device, tablet, or computer. Since no CME is provided for viewing, this opportunity abides by all industry guidelines, and is perfect for support.

    Digital Recognition includes your company logo on the introduction page of the site with close to 6,000 users. As a supporter, access keys to the digital library will be given to your company for your company’s field representatives to deliver to non-meeting attendees.

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Commercial Support Policy


  • Unless pertaining to the exhibit hall, trade names or product-group messages may not be used on any materials designated as an IDWeek 2019 support opportunity
  •  The “supporter must produce and provide” indicates that supporters are responsible for the purchase, production, and delivery of items
  •  A signed Letter of Agreement containing language stipulated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) is required
  •  IDWeek must approve all artwork prior to the production of supported items
  •  Written authorization from the supporter is required before IDWeek will accept inquiries or provide information to agents and third-parties
  • The display of advertisements or promotional materials beyond those offered in the IDWeek advertising opportunities and targeted to attendees of IDWeek (including, but not limited to, advertising in/on buses, taxis, Segways, boats, pedicabs, planes, street cars, building facades, hotels, or restaurants, etc.) is prohibited within five miles of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center during the period beginning three days before and continuing until three days after the meeting (October 2-6, 2019)  The use of any name, logo, or trademark of IDWeek and the partner societies in any exhibitor advertising is strictly prohibited without IDWeek’s advance written consent.

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